FAQs on Yellowstone Car Rentals

Q: What are the requirements to rent a car?
A: Over 21 years of age with valid driver’s license and credit/debit card. If under 25, an underage fee will apply. Name on credit/debit card must match name on driver’s license.

Q: What are the mileage limitations?
A: We offer rates that include unlimited mileage in the geographical boundary of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Mileage charges apply for travel outside that boundary.

Q: Can you pick me up?
A: We cover all local motels and campgrounds within a 10 mile radius of West Yellowstone.

Q: Can you deliver cars in Yellowstone National Park or to Island Park?
A: No, unfortunately we do not offer that service due to distance.

Q: Does it cost extra for my spouse to drive?
A: No, your spouse is free but there is a small additional charge for others that may wish to drive.

Q: Do I get charged if I return the car early?
A: No, you only get charged for the time you have the car.

Q: Do you offer one way rentals?
A: When availability permits, we do offer one ways to Idaho Falls, ID or Bozeman, MT for return to a Budget location.

Q: What is the LDW?
A: It is a loss damage waiver that if purchased the renter may waive financial responsibility to avoid or limit his/her responsibility for damages done to the vehicle.

Q: Why do you charge state tax if Montana has no state sales tax?
A: Montana requires a 4% state tax be applied to all rental vehicle transactions within the state of Montana.

Q: What additional fees or taxes apply to rent a vehicle?
A: A 4% state tax, $1.25 per day vehicle license fee applies. There is a 3% city tax applied at the downtown location or a 10% airport concession fee applied at the airport location.

Q: Could extra charges be applied upon returning the rental car?
A: There could be cleaning charges applied for Smoking, Pet Hair, Stains if beyond normal cleaning is needed.

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